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We are a community of people committed to spreading love, hope and faith through sharing testimonies that edify and help build our belief in the potency of the name of Jesus. 

In Matthew 4:24 (NIV), the scripture stated that "news about him spread all over Syria".  The question then is what news?

Of course we all know the answer to the question which is, the news about the good deeds of Jesus

Christ. Reading the same scripture further, something happened as a result of the news that was

spread, the scripture reads “ and the people brought to him all who were ill with various disease,

those suffering severe pain ,and the paralysed” Why will they do these, if not for the news that

spread, which in turn birth HOPE and FAITH.

That my friend is the power of sharing your TESTIMONY, it was the testimony of what the people

heard and saw that spread. You would never know the hope you gave to that person or how you

have helped someone build his or her faith until you say or tell your story, of how God came through

for you.

Another good example is the story of the Woman with the issue of blood, Matt 5: 25-34, Luke 8:43-

48. It was simply the testimony of what she had that the power of the Holy Spirit is doing through

Jesus that gave her the courage to push through the crowd. When she was losing Hope, Hope was

restored, when faith was lost, faith was restored through testimonies of what she heard.

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Sydney, Australia

We provide a platform for everyone to share testimonies and also bring to you other people's testimonies globally. Our purpose is to edify as well as build our faith in God, through the power of Testimonies;