This community represents a place where hope is restored, life is inspired, faith is birth,

salvation in Christ Jesus is assured and spoken words for healing is available. We do not identify

as a church(building), and are not defined by denomination, colour, tribe or country, but the fact

that we all are human beings created in the image of the Father. Matt 5:43-48 talks about the

love of the Father shared across everyone.

We are committed in sharing the love of Christ as clearly stated in the above scripture, to do this

is as simple as you sharing with the family how God has been loving to you, so as to encourage

someone else. The story in Matt 2:2- further explains how four friends, brought to Jesus one of

their other friends who was sick and the extent they had to go through to get to Him. I can

conclude that they did what they had to do because of the testimonies they have heard about

Jesus, which eventually give birth to FAITH, leading them to believe that all they have to do is get

their friend to Jesus.


On this platform, you have the opportunity of sharing with the world what God has done for you,

your testimony will not only be a blessing to your direct families or friend but to the world.

My name is Oladele Oyediran Oluwatosin, on behave of the team , I am glad to welcome you on

board, you can also become a registered member of this community by by registering on our

website or clicking this link

Trust me you will be glad you did.