How do we define Testimony?

Testimony is the perfect word to describe the act of talking about the goodness of God in your life and the lives of those around you as a witness to what God is doing in their lives. Testimony as a subject will be our focal point of discussion; you will agree with me that it is not a common topic often discussed by pastors or in churches. In the next week and months, let us together discuss the subject Testimony, starting with its introduction; where did the word originate from and a general overview of it.

What is Testimony?

Testimony is derived from the Latin word 'testis' which means witness. It is also formally defined as an evidence or a proof of something, a formal written or a spoken statement such as one given in a court of law” e.g, a public recounting of a religious conversion or experience. Human beings are mostly driven by what they see because we can relate more with things we see.

In the very profound story in the book of Luke 2:8-18, as soon as Jesus was born the angel of the lord stood before some nearby shepherds, to testify of a king born that they did not know or have not seen, and this in turn sparked an urge in them to see this baby whom the angel spoke about. They set out and found him then they continued from where the angel of the Lord stopped and testified of what they had seen.

Human beings have five basic senses, sight “eyes” , hearing “ear” , smell “nose” , taste “toungue", touch “ hand”. Everyone of these senses play vital roles in human existence, but the seeing part help the believe or the understanding more. The above story confirms this, in the court room, witness are called to testify, mostly because they either saw what happened or they were part of the situation. Their testimony in most cases becomes a determining factor in the case. This is because the testimony of an eye witness is always of a great value.

What is your understanding of Testimony? Please share

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