Testimony of Divine Provision

The morale of this testimony is to urge everyone going through difficult times to trust God, trust his process and to assure you that his word and his promises never fail.


My family relocated to Sydney Australia a few years ago where my wife initially studied a diploma in Nursing. She finished the course in 2017 and she decided to further her studies in the same field. This was not planned for from the very beginning because we were aware of the financial stress this caused the family the first time. So, the journey started; she put in her application to Western Sydney university and she was granted admission to study Bachelor of Nursing. The total payment for the first semester was AUD$ 15,000.

When we arrived in the country some of the stories we were told, was that no one borrows you money especially people from my birth country Nigeria. As the time to make payment drew near, efforts where made on all side to raise the money, but nothing seemed forthcoming. We also wrote to the institution to allow us pay in instalments, but the proposal was declined rather we were told if payment can be made by 12pm on on the census date, we would get a scholarship of AUD$5000 in the next tuition payment.

When you trust God, he makes provision for everything you need.

The Thursday night before the census date which was on a Friday, we had nothing except AUD$2300 in our bank account. I was worried, my wife was in tears that night and we just could not sleep. I told her just one sentence that very night, that the same God who gave you the admission will make provision for the tuition to be paid. I had spoken to a friend who is a Nigerian, whom I met at my place of work - our relationship was very platonic, we were basically colleagues at work. I requested that he lend me AUD$2500 , this was because i thought my proposal to the school to pay the tuition fee in instalments would be approved, but it was declined.

I called this friend of mine on Friday at 09:45am asking him about the AUD$2500 I had asked from him, then he suddenly asked a question the got me shocked, he asked me how much did I really need. I couldn't answer the question because I wasn’t sure if I told him the really amount he would be able to lend it to me, so I told him I will confirm from my wife which I did and called him back. His response was "I have a credit card of AUD$20000 and I don't have need for it now, but I have spent a particular amount in it", he continued by saying if I could get the amount for him to put back on his card, the cycle of payment on the card will be longer and we would have the opportunity to pay back before the bank starts charging interest.

Guess what?! The very amount he had spent was the same amount we had in our account. Yes, that very amount! We gave him the AUD $2300 we had, he made payment into his card and gave us his card details. We were able to make the tuition fee payment before 12pm that they, which qualified us for a $5000 scholarship during the next tuition payment.

Wow this can only be GOD, even when the payment was made, we were still in disbelief. I tell you; this God is never late he is always on time. Whatever it is that you are believing Him for hold on, and don’t limit Him in your thought because His ways are not ours and He works in mysterious ways.

Praise the Lord!

From: The Oladeles

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Sydney, Australia

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