Why Should You Share Your Testimony?

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

In one of our previous posts, testimony was established as an account given by a firsthand witness or an recount of an event given by some that was present during the occurrence of the event.

In the court of law, witnesses are called forward during trials to determine the truth and serve justice ultimately;  when research for a new drug is underway, there is a call for volunteers whose sickness can be cured by their discovery. These set of people are called testers, their account or testimony of the use of these drugs as soon as it works or cures them forms the basis for introducing the new drugs to the public.

After the testing is successful, the news of this new discovery is circulated via various medium; a journal or a TV interview. The researcher or scientists involved gives account of his new discovery and how it came about - S/he testifies to the efficacy of the drug.

These three illustrations given defines the usefulness of testimony in our world today. When you share your testimonies with other people, you give them hope and help them build their faith and remain expectant for what God has promised them. Sharing your testimonies is also an attestation of God's faithfulness and love and that he doesn't forget his people.

If you are still unsure of why you sharing your personal testimony of God's goodness is important, then join us as we shed more light on this below. 

5 Reasons To Share Your Testimonies

Sharing your testimony:

1. Keeps you connected to your source. 

2. Keeps you focused and centered on God. 

3. Becomes your witness.

4. Keeps hope alive for other people expecting a miracle.

5. Shows your worship and gratefulness to God.

You cannot imagine what your shared testimony can do in the life of people around the world. Like we always say "He is still in the business of doing miracles"  don't keep it to your self as your testimony is a life saving message. 

We will surely continue this conversation further in our next discussion. But what are your thoughts, why do you think we should share our testimony, is it important?  Please share with us.

If you also have a testimony, please share with us, either in written form by sending it to this email address or upload a short video and if you think you don't have one to share now, be rest assured that God is up to something in your life, you will testify in Jesus name.

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